The SuperNova is the latest creation from multiple freestyle and three times World Team Champion Chris Goff. Following an extensive two year developement the SuperNova is at last ready for the world!

The SuperNova was initially conceived as a bigger competition ready version of the SuperFly, but throughout development it has taken on a whole new personality, with every curve, edge and bridle point being de-constructed and reassessed, resulting in an entirely new geometry.

Combining highly accurate precision with seamless freestyle capabilities, the SuperNova is perfect for intermediate through to top end competition level flyers.

An adjustable leach line is also featured, enabling speed control in higher winds and fine tuning to suit personal flying styles.



royal purple
red flo orange
flo green dark grey


Style: Competition/ Freestyle
Frame: Sky Shark Nitro/ P3X/ 7PT
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Reverse Turbo
Wingspan: 2.45m
Weight: 325g (inc 22gm tail weight)
Wind: 4-18mph


SuperNova : Chris Goff