The Superfly is the creation of multiple UK freestyle champion Chris Goff. It is a cutting edge freestyle kite aimed at casual and competition flyers alike, designed to exploit a deep sitting turtle without compromising other tricks and general feel.
The Superfly is a real door opener to new freestyle moves and creations, giving the flyer a feeling of true limitless freestyle.

The bold graphics are designed to be striking but also functional, harking back to the long history and pedigree of UK freestyle.
The asymmetric colourway helps the flyer to recognise the direction of rotation during tricks, while the radiating stripes help to level the kite visually in the sky, improving accuracy with wrapped tricks and extended combinations.

The smoothly formed nose and elegantly simple snag-free sail details reduce the chance of unexpected tangles, cutting down on those long walks of shame.



royal midnight
red orange
teal green
purple grey


Style: Trick/ Freestyle/ Competition
Frame: Skyshark P200, 5PT, P400
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Reverse Turbo
Wingspan: 2.22m
Weight: 265g (including 19g tail weight)
Wind: 4-25mph


Camber SuperFly : Chris Goff