The Superfly Ultralight is the latest design by champion freestyle pilot Chris Goff. It retains the same cutting edge freestyle capabilities of the original SuperFly.

The lighter frame provides a more laid-back style giving more time through trick combinations, enabling tighter control and increased accuracy.

The kite maintains trick performance in its upper wind range and provides a wide overlap with the standard model.

The tried and tested Sky Shark frame includes 3pt spreaders with a leading edge combination of P90 upper with durable P1X lower, allowing for both laid back and aggressive technique alike.



yellow green
orange pink
red grape
light blue royal


Style: Trick/ Freestyle/ Competition
Frame: Skyshark P90, P1X, 3PT
Sail: Icarex/ Mylar
Bridle: Reverse Turbo
Wingspan: 2.22m
Weight: 228g (including 15g tail weight)
Wind: 2-10mph


SuperFly UL : Chris Goff