The Deep Space is an all-round freestyle kite that is precise, reliable and responsive, making it easy to fly and accessible to all. However, it's also capable of the most extreme tricks, behaving with a high degree of accuracy and predictability. The Deep Space excels at free-flowing flying, providing smooth transitions into, out of, and between tricks for advanced and extended combinations and seamless freestyle flying.

The Deep Space also boasts a number of technical advances in the state-of-the-art of sport kite design. The Roll Bars provide an effective way of catching and securing the flying lines during wrap and multi-wrap tricks. Integrated glides in the leading edge cover both upper and lower connectors and are internally reinforced to reduce bunching and wrinkling. Slimline and snag-free nose, tail and tip reinforcements are provided to further reduce the chance of those unpleasant tangles that can spoil a perfect moment. See the pictures on the left for some close-ups of these features.



royal purple
red orange
yellow light blue

To create a custom colour scheme use the Colourizer.


Style: Freestyle
Frame: Skyshark P200/ 5PT Black Diamond
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Semi-Active
Wingspan: 2.14m
Weight: 300g (including 15g tail weight)
Wind: 3-18mph

You can find more detailed info on frames and bridles in the tech section.


Deep Space / Tim Benson