The Gemini is an extreme trick and freestyle flying machine designed by Andy Wardley and Tim Benson. It is easy to control, predictable and precise in flight, yet capable of the most incredible tricks ever conceived.

The Gemini features a unique twin spine design to increase stability with no compromise to trick performance. The advanced Active Bridle further enhances the flying experience, allowing smooth transition through trick and freestyle manoeuvres.

The Gemini range also includes the Gemini Ultralight.

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royal purple
red orange
yellow green

To create a custom colour scheme use the Colourizer.


Style: Freestyle/ Trick
Frame: Skyshark P200/ 5PT
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Semi-Active
Wingspan: 2.14m
Weight: 315g
Wind: 3-18mph
Rec line: 70kg x 25m/30m

You can find more detailed info on frames and bridles in the tech section.