The SuperNova UL retains all the familiar features and flight characteristics of the original SuperNova.

The lighter Sky Shark frame incorporates durable 5PT spreaders and Nitro Ultralight leading edges, providing a floatier more responsive feel, while providing confidence with demanding tricks such as the cynique without the fear of breakages.

The SuperNova UL has a wide overlap with the standard model and maintains trick performance in its upper wind range.

The leach line can be adjusted to slow the kite down, adding to its already precise tracking and providing a more precision based feel.



light blue purple
red flo orange
flo green grey
royal yellow


Style: Competition/ Freestyle
Frame: Sky Shark Nitro Lite/ P200/ 5PT
Sail: Icarex/ Mylar
Bridle: Reverse Turbo
Wingspan: 2.45m
Weight: 290g (inc 18gm tail weight)
Wind: 2-12mph


SNUL Teaser clip : Chris Goff