The Gemini Ultralight is the same size and shape as the original Gemini and offers the same radical capabilities combined with the predictable and reliable handling that has made the original Gemini so popular.

The Gemini UL features a Skyshark frame in a combination of P90 (leading edge) and 3PT (spreaders) spars, with a 5mm Structil spine. This has been carefully selected to give the kite exceptional balance and stability for long, gliding flight that is typical of lighter wind flying.

The Gemini range also includes the Gemini.



royal blue/grey fade
purple grey fade

To create a custom colour scheme use the Colourizer.


Style: Freestyle/ Trick
Frame: Skyshark P90/ 3PT
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Semi-Active
Wingspan: 2.14m
Weight: 255g
Wind: 1-15mph

You can find more detailed info on frames and bridles in the tech section.