The Deep Space V retains the same free flowing trick capabilities of the original STD model, with some tricks such as the Taz and Lazy being even easier.

The sail shape and build details remain the same with all the familiar hi-spec features.
The frame is strengthened to include Sky Shark P300 in the leading edges and spine with a heavier upper spreader and 18gm tail weight.

The vent holes are hot cut and reinforced with clear Mylar.
The level of venting is designed to merge with the upper wind range of the standard model, taking the familiar Deep Space feel into fresher but still sane winds.

Special thanks to Adrian Atherton for developing the venting system.



royal purple
red orange
midnight teal

To create a custom colour scheme use the Colourizer.


Style: Freestyle
Frame: Skyshark P300/ 5PT
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Semi-Active
Wingspan: 2.14m
Weight: 320g (including 18g tail weight)
Wind: 8-25mph

You can find more detailed info on frames and bridles in the tech section.