The Trick or Treat DVD is a freestyle kite flying movie produced by Souldeep Media in association with Benson Kites, comprising of 45 minutes of inspirational freestyle flying and 45 minutes of detailed trick tutorials.

The freestyle section captures some of the very best freestyle trick flying in fifteen sequences stylishly filmed and edited to a choice soundtrack. Featuring Andy Wardley, Lars Fakkeldij, Jason Winter and Tim Benson.

The trick tutorial section gives a detailed analysis of sixteen tricks, from simple tricks such as the Axel, Fade and 540 to advanced moves like the Jacobs Ladder, Comete and Yo-Fade. Filmed using multiple camera angles, the kite and flyer are shown in a synchronized split screen view.

See the pictures on the left for some stills from the movie.

Read Andy Wardley's review of Trick or Treat.

Price: £19.95